About The Company

Our brand of nutraceuticals needs no introduction. Ruling the market since a decade, we launch every herbal supplement with preclinical and clinical proofs and well-documented dosages. For this reason alone, we have been successful in remaining the forerunners by maintaining the trust of our huge section of customers.

Decade-long experience in serving people with herbal formulations

Ever since we introduced our first product in the segment of weight management, there has been no looking back. Our flagship product has ever since been the Garcinia extract pills with tried and tested concentration of 50% HCA and 10% Garcinol, giving the optimum effect with a minimal side-effect. Our Garcinia products are:


Clinically tested for safety and efficacy
Strongly backed with multiple US patents
Most reviewed weight loss supplement
Available at all leading retail and online stores
We now have a huge portfolio of products:
Weight management and anti-obesity formulations
Men’s health products
Energy drinks
Dietary supplements
Detoxifying drinks
Edible dietary snacks


Our proprietary blends of weight loss ingredients have recently found a new form: as protein shake mixes. It is a welcoming relief for people troubled with diet control due to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Now, you can easily ditch your enemies of taste buds taken to control your medical limitation and to supply the much-needed nutrients. These protein shakes satisfy your taste buds and your nutrient depot at the same time. Coming in exciting flavors of vanilla and mango, you can never restrain yourself from buying the next bottle and remain fit.

We advise recommendation from your physician in case you are on any prescription drugs or under the special medical category. Now, you can personally calculate the dosage and form of administration through our online website platform. Give your body weight, height, medical status, age and other selected relevant columns and you can get the personalized product regimen for you.